I think this is the last in this series. I have a couple of others that I'll post tomorrow, and I'll ask your opinions whether any of them belong in the set.

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  • Nice shot .... especially in B/W ..

    it made me sad when I saw it . I don't know why??

    this Pic. had so many meanings especially ignorance ... thanks Andy for your nice shots. we are waiting for more from you ..
    lulu @ 2007-06-09 12:13:07
  • The disarming thing about this picture is, in my opinion, the fact that "she" looks like frozen, cristallized while smelling the plant, just as the time had been stopped in that very moment. This is maybe conveyed by the B/W technique.

    Very beautiful and moving, by the way.
    chiara @ 2007-06-11 23:47:33 / PhotoblogsRank
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